He calls me Christmas,
he tells me I’m the new year,
his celebration.

The answer is here,
hidden somewhere in this room,
somewhere in my brain.

I won’t do what’s right;
heaven is overrated.
I’ll see you in hell.

I am the fire;
my flame will consume you, and
I will scorch the earth.

Thunder and lightning
battling for my attention,
obscuring the dawn.

I found a reason
to remember yesterday,
today, tomorrow.

I walk a fine line,
and I’m not sure it matters
on which side I fall.

Waiting for your call,
just so I can have the chance
to hang up on you.

I don’t believe in
the things that you tell me, or
the smile on your face.

I’m not here right now;
no heart beats within this chest.
Please leave a message.