Waiting for your call,
just so I can have the chance
to hang up on you.

I don’t believe in
the things that you tell me, or
the smile on your face.

I’m not here right now;
no heart beats within this chest.
Please leave a message.

I am a nightmare,
built from the broken pieces
of yesterday’s dreams.

Don’t try to fix me;
I’m just fine the way I am,
with or without you.

He left a few marks
in all of the wrong places;
it couldn’t be helped.

Don’t be so surprised
at the sound of my laughter,
the smile on my face.

Sneaking out of bed,
out onto the balcony,
and over the moon.

I am quite aware
that I have been moving in
the wrong direction.

The sun is fading;
farewell to the departed,
goodbye to all souls.